Welcome to the all in one source for information on all food destinations in Newmarket, NH. Our goal is to provide you with critical information for any place where you can eat in Newmarket in one easy to access website.

This site was created and is primarily managed by John McLaren of John’s Computer Services, a local resident and business owner in Newmarket. With website development being part of John’s I.T. business and being someone who frequently eats out, creating a quick and concise resource for information about local food made sense.

Today, NewmarketNHFood.com is steadily growing as Newmarket residents become aware of the site. We constantly strive to improve the functionality of the site in order to make information easier to access. We welcome businesses to directly provide us with information to ensure patrons can find what they want with ease. We want to treat every business equally so sponsorship or advertisements from the listed businesses will never be a part of this site. Our goal is to provide an unbiased and informative directory of food available in Newmarket.


Please provide feedback or information on errors and omissions by using the form below or emailing feedback@newmarketnhfood.com

Note To Business Owners

We are always developing our criteria concerning what businesses are included and what links for menus and websites we use, please understand that our goal is to make information about your business easily accessible and many factors play a role in this. It is crucial that all businesses we list can have a phone number, hours of operation and a well optimized menu provided (under 1mb). We encourage you to communicate to us any information that can help make your business and your menu easier to access.


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